Tantrum Hammer Jigs



Product Description

Tantrum Hammer Jigs are designed to hammer fish. It’s unique design and jewelry quality holographic finishes make it difficult for fish to resist. This jig can be cast and swam back, with an intermittent jigging motion. Or, it can be used with a drop to where the fish are and jig the bait in an up and down motion. Try our glow in the dark color for night time jigging.

Additional Information


3.5″ 1 oz., 4″ 2 oz., 4.75″ 3.75 oz., 5.5″ 5.5 oz., 6″ 7 oz., 6.75″ 11 oz., 8″ 13.25 oz.


Green/Yellow, Sardine, Dorado, Blue Abolone, Hot Pink, Blue Runner