EZZ Jigging Leaders



Product Description

With the new wind on popping and jiggin leaders, simply attatch to mono or spectra and wind onto your rod. The popping leaders have a unique special mono “weave” that adds to the shock and toothy durability while still maintaining the flexibility of single strand mono. The added weave higher on the leader protects the leader from rod tip wear caused by hours of casting. Popping leaders come in test from 40# to 150# for rod lengths 7.5′ to 8.5′. Jigging leaders work the same as popping leaders but with the shorter “weave” just for jigging.

Additional Information


6′ 40 lbs, 6′ 60 lbs, 6′ 80 lbs, 6′ 100 lbs, 6′ 120 lbs, 6′ 150 lbs